Your Customers are Searching. Will They Find You?

Internet Marketingon December 19th, 2010No Comments

In today’s searching world, customers turn to online search engine first. Yet many companies simply don’t realize acquiring customers from search engines should be a core business strategy. Instead, they usually focus on narrow goals, such as boosting page rankings. There oversight leave a huge channel for engaging with potential customers largely untapped.

Businesses that use data about how people search to inform their product strategy will reach customers before the competition. Businesses that understand the importance of non-ad-based search acquisition will make it central to their marketing mix, and can connect with high quality customers for long-term growth and success.

DBI Web Studio is a guide to harnessing the full power of online search for your business which focuses on making your business stand out in the “organic” searches that attract 86 percent of user clicks. DBI Web Studio shows you where companies get hung up with rankings, and lays out a comprehensive approach for achieving the search goal that matters most: connecting with the people who want to find you!

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