The Importance of Page Titles

Internet Marketingon December 13th, 2010No Comments

The page title is the band of text you see at the top of your browser window. The page title, or <title> tag, is one of the most important pieces of copy on your site. It tells site visitors what they can expect to find on the page, and for people with a slow Internet connection, it’s often the first text they see.

The page title will appear in many places, such as:

  • The title bar of most browser windows
  • The label of a browser tab
  • A list of search result, as the link text
  • A Favorites or Bookmarks menu (consider how the title will look in a long list of bookmarks)
  • A browser’s Back and Forward menus and History panel
  • The Windows taskbar
  • The program-switching Alt+Tab interface on a PC

Because it can appear in so many places, the page title is a key component in building an informative user experience. The page title also carries weight with search engines – and it’s often ignored or forgotten by site creators. Take this snippet of text seriously.

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