How Search Engine Works

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The major search engines that account for most market share today are the automated type: Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing (although Yahoo! and Microsoft have reached an agreement in which Yahoo! will replace its search engine with Bing, although this hasn’t happened as of late 2009). All there, as well as other smaller search engines that exist and operate their own technology, have similar overall infrastructure as follows: read more

Reverse Advertising: Avoiding the Advertising Death Spiral

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Marketers have been bemoaning the rising problems with traditional advertising for years. Marty Neumeier, author of Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands and The Brand Gap, describes the “advertising death spiral” during which consumers filter out advertising because it’s not relevant to their current task. In turn, advertisers get louder, causing consumers to filter more and advertisers to yell even louder. (This filters occurs both online and offline) read more

How Search Has Changed Marketing

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As defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing consists of “identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” That definition does not change as business moves online. read more