Cc and Bcc

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The Cc field is an FYI zone. For emails to business colleagues and peers, include in this field any people who need the information in te email but don’t need to reply or take action.

The Bcc field is for emails to recipients who need the information but whose inclusion or addresses you want to keep private.

Many businesses and organizations rely on email service providers or email marketing software to distribute customer messages, so they don’t often use the Cc and Bcc fields. But some small organizations (and some larger ones sending email to a small audience) use the Bcc field to email a group while protecting the privacy of all recipients.

Put recipients’ addresses in the Bcc field and one of your own address in the To field, and your recipients won’t see anyone else’s address – they will see only what you put in the To field. You can specify an appropriate group name to appear in the To field instead of your own address.

TIP: If you’re using the Bcc field to prevent others from seeing all your recipients’ addresses, triple-check your work. Make sure that you don’t accidentally enter names in the Cc field! Such mistakes can and do happen and could violate the privacy of those individuals, bringing serious consequences – legal and otherwise.

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