Cc and Bcc

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The Cc field is an FYI zone. For emails to business colleagues and peers, include in this field any people who need the information in te email but don’t need to reply or take action.

The Bcc field is for emails to recipients who need the information but whose inclusion or addresses you want to keep private. read more

PATA Indonesia Chapter – PIC

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PATA Indonesia Chapter a.k.a PIC is non-profit organization travel trade association serving government tourist offices, airlines, hotels and other travel-related companies throughout Indonesia region.

In this chance, DBI Web Studio is entrusted to develop the PIC official site. It’s a great experience since at the end of the development session, we hopefully have a chance to present our work to Pak S.D. Darmono (the founder of Jababeka), the Chairman of PATA Indonesia Chapter. Wish all the best for this project anyway!

When to Avoid Gender-specific Pronouns

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Here’s a good rule of thumb: Be specific. Use he, his, and him when talking about men and boys, and she, her, and hers when talking about women and girls. But avoid using masculine or feminime pronouns generically, as in “Every doctor must complete his residency” or “Every doctor must complete her residency.” read more

Dealing With PATA Indonesia

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logo-PATADBI Web Studio happily announces that we got the deal with PATA Indonesia, Pacific Asia Travel Association in Indonesia, on January 5, 2011. It’s a good start for 2011! We’ll show the result in our portfolio as soon as we finish the site.

How Search Engine Works

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The major search engines that account for most market share today are the automated type: Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing (although Yahoo! and Microsoft have reached an agreement in which Yahoo! will replace its search engine with Bing, although this hasn’t happened as of late 2009). All there, as well as other smaller search engines that exist and operate their own technology, have similar overall infrastructure as follows: read more